Creating a craft room

3 06 2010

Goodness knows there are lots of sites that’ll tell you how to set-up your craft room. This isn’t one of those sites. I am want to share those tips and ideas that I like…that appeal to my sensabilities. Enjoy!

1. My first stop is The Domestic Diva’s Disasters (aka Lisa) blog. On the right-hand side of her blog, you will find Sewing Room Organization Challenge. Having done this before, I know it works.

I am a visual person. I probably miss a lot of good stuff by skipping over articles and blogs that don’t use photos, but photos give the viewer a great idea of how things are supposed to look.

2. LilMissCupcake uses glass jars for storage. I save glass jars and lids.

3. This is an excellent idea for storage small items too.

4. Jenny B Allsorts has a craft room to envy. I can’t pick just one thing I like about it. The colors just “grab” me.

5. The Palm Tree Princess has this gorgeous space. The lanterns just make it for me.

6. Get Your Craft On has some awesome ideas for decorating and storage. I’m totally digging the ceiling fan redo.

7. Dottie Angel has a mossy shed that is chock-full of little lovlies.

8. I know this isn’t a craft room, but to someone living in one, it is. I just LOVE how Happy Loves Rosie has decorated these.

9. Crafty Storage has LOTS of tips and ideas. Not to mention…PHOTOS! They get an A+ in my book.

10. Heather Bailey has a gorgeous, organized studio. I particularly like her fabric storage.

11. 13 ways to organize your space using recycled items

12. I’ll close with Bad Bad Ivy’s photo of her yarn stash. Don’t judge….




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