Using what you have

14 06 2010

This is a tutorial of sorts. You won’t find any “patterns” per say, but you can get the basic gist of things.
You start with some scrap yarn, a crochet hook, sz 6 dpn’s, a zipper, a tapestry needle, and a plastic lid.

I used the outer ring (2nd piece). I basically knit a mini scarf, and sewed it up around the plastic ring. I then made flowers from the zipper.

Next, I used white cotton yarn and crocheted a basic circle. I then used the tapestry needle to sew it onto the plastic circle. Viola! A coaster!

Lastly, I made a towel hanger from the third piece. I crocheted around the ring until it was covered. I then joined the ends with a slip stitch. I then made a “tab” for the button hole and button. The button was made by making a crocheted “bead”.




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